Local Government members – we are asking you to please take part in the ballot.

We ask that you π—₯π—˜π—π—˜π—–π—§ the pay offer and to vote π—¬π—˜π—¦ to industrial action.

You can place your vote here: https://unison.tfaforms.net/190

Why are we asking you to reject the pay offer? We believe it:
β€’ Falls far short of the flat rate or % increase outlined in our claim.
β€’ Does little to address issues of low pay which have become endemic following a decade of austerity.
β€’ Contains no provision for restoring pay levels to pre-austerity levels.
β€’ Contains no provisions to pay the registration fees of workers who are required to maintain a regulatory registration to undertake their role or any other costs associated with undertaking their role.
β€’ Contains no commitment to explore a no-detriment reduction in the working week or any other measure to address the increased demands placed on our members or their ability to maintain a work-life balance.
β€’ Contains so assessment of the pay gap against any of the protected characteristics (something that could easily have been prepared and submitted to the trade unions in the months since the submission of our claim and in advance of our meeting today to help inform our discussions).

For more information on the Pay Offer, please visit: https://www.unison-scotland.org/local-government-trade…/