Following many hours of intense negotiations both with COSLA and the Deputy First Minister last week we were sent a revised offer from COSLA today.

Your Local Government Committee met this morning to consider this offer and agreed to put it to members in an electronic consultative ballot, which will start imminently, with a recommendation to REJECT.

The reasons for the recommendation are outlined in our letter to COSLA, which you will find in the fourth image below.

The Committee also took the decision to continue with the strike action already notified to councils to date whilst the consultation is underway.

Between this time last week and today we have added £200m pounds to the total value of the offer, secured the removal of SSSC fees for all, got an additional day’s annual leave and agreement to uprate all allowances by the percentage increase on offer. Our fundamental issue is that the consolidated amount on offer (the 5%) is simply not enough and that no matter how you try to cut it there just isn’t enough there to deliver a high enough offer to enough members.

Details regarding the electronic consultative ballot will be shared asap.