An email containing a link to an e-ballot on COSLA’s improved pay offer has been sent to all UNISON members in local government.

UNISON Scotland’s local government committee believes this offer is significant enough to suspend all strike action and consult our local government members in a ballot. The committee are recommending you vote to ACCEPT this offer.

Ballot closes at 12noon on Monday, 27 November. It is vital we hear from you.

Please remember the email and e-ballot is unique to you and cannot be forwarded. Only you can vote using the voting you have been sent link. If a colleague has not received their unique ballot email, please ask them to check their spam folder or get in touch with us.

New ballot because of technical problems

Because of technical problems, UNISON had to suspend the local government consultative ballot which was sent to you on 9 November at around 10am.  All local government members were issued with another ballot e-mail with a new voting link on Monday 13 November. Please vote again using this new voting link.

  • If you have already voted using 9 November email your vote will NOT count. Please vote again using the new email ballot sent to you on Monday 13 November.
  • You cannot vote with the ballot email sent to you on 9 November at 10am. Please vote using the email ballot which will be sent to you on Monday 13 November.

Frequently Asked Questions about the pay offer

What exactly does this offer mean for you?

The amount of money you would receive depends on where you are on the pay scale, what job you do, how many hours you work in a week and which local authority you work in. There are a number of documents which can help you work out what it means for you.

  • The September offer proposed by COSLA is here,
  • The improvements to that offer made to us in November are outlined here
  • The proposed revised Spinal Column Points (SCP) for this improved offer can be accessed here.

Please vote before 12noon on Wednesday, 22 November. It is vital we hear from you.

For more information, please visit: Local government pay campaign 2023 – UNISON Scotland (