Sep 14, 2018


UNISON is about to consult members with a recommendation that you reject the latest local government pay offer of a 3% increase on a 1 year deal.

Members need to know that the branch is in support of rejecting this offer. Why?

  • The only change from the original offer of 3% for staff up to £36,500 and 2 % for staff between £36,500 and £80,000, is to offer all staff up to £85,000 a straight 3% rise.
  • This offer falls well short of our claim of 6.5%, based on CPI/RPI whichever is greater, and does nothing to redress the issues around low pay and the cuts to our wages due to years of austerity.
  • Your pay has been cut up to 16% in real terms since 2010, that’s an average £4,000 from your pay.
  • With RPI inflation currently at 3.2% this can mean that this year pay offer is a further cut in pay.
  • Our colleagues in the NHS have been offered and accepted an increase of 3% for each year, over 3 years (which means a 9% increase by year 3). Their offer has also allowed compressed some of their lower paid grades, so that those in lower paid work will receive more than the 3% increase offered to us.


UNISON’s Scottish local government conference rejected the latest offer from the employers and agreed to ballot our members.

We hope that you will support us in rejecting this pay offer and will keep you up to date when the ballot is open.

One thing that is important to the branch is that you make sure members’ details are up to date and an email address would be really helpful to keep you up to date with what might be fast moving events. If you have Facebook, you should also follow us on our page to keep up-to-date at:

Check we have your correct details at MyUNISON by either emailing us or by phoning UNISON Direct at 0800 085 7857. Only members can vote.